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What are your Opening Times?

Thursday 11 to 3 and 5 to 11.

Friday 11 to 11

Saturday 11 to 11

CAMRA members are admitted 15 minutes before these times.


How much to get in?

Thursday Lunch: Free

Thursday Evening: £4.00

Friday Lunch: Free

Friday after 5pm: £5.00

Saturday Lunch: £5.00

Saturday after 5pm: £3.00

CAMRA members are admitted free at all times except Friday evening, £3.00. Students showing valid NUS ID are admitted free on Thursday evening.


Can I have a sneak preview of the beer and cider you hope to have?

Yes, when the lists are ready the link(s) will appear below:


Beer List                       Cider List                    Global Beer List


Please be aware that this is likely to change.


What is the theme?

This year’s theme is Down on the Farm. We’re linking up with Meanwood Valley Urban Farm - who know what visitors we might be expecting!? Look for a whole herd of pumpclips featuring cows, sheep and possibly tractors. We’ll even have a Hop Shop to encourage people to grow their own - see below for how to join in.


What's all this about it being the last year at Pudsey Civic Hall?

It's true - this will be our last year at Pudsey, due to the Hall having substantial changes made to some of the rooms it will no longer be viable to have a festival there – but keep your eyes open for our new venue in 2018! We'll let you know just as soon as details are finalised.


Did I hear that you can buy hops at the festival?

You did! Leeds Hop Growers are selling hops from the Hop Shop upstairs so that you can grow and brew your own, or have Mr. Sunbeam pop your hops into a special brew. Pre-order your hops to collect at the festival here, although we'll have a few plants to buy on the day, too. More information on the scheme is available on the website, and in the festival edition of New Full Measure.


Can I buy a ticket in advance?

Sorry, no, we do not sell advance tickets. It's something we have considered, and may be something we do in the future.


Are under 18s allowed? My baby is so well behaved!

Accompanied under 18s are welcome in the Owlcotes Room before 7pm on Saturday this year. There are no creche facilities but we have lots of cardboard boxes!


What happens when I arrive?

If there’s an entry fee on the day, you’ll pay that at the front door. In the foyer, there’s the glass and beer ticket stall. Here you hire your glass (you can keep it or go back for a refund at the end of your session), and purchase your beer tickets, which are also refundable if you don’t use them all. You get a free programme here, too. Then you’re all set to dive in and enjoy the festival!


How do I pay for beer?

You pay using beer tickets, which you buy on the way in. These are dinky little tickets that are worth approximately a third of a pint each.


Because some beers at the festival are not so strong they may be a bit cheaper than the ticket price, likewise some stronger beers are a bit more expensive. If the beer you choose is less than the ticket price we will give you some change. The bars have a very small float so bring a bit of loose change to the festival so that if you buy some of the stronger beers you can supplement your ticket with a few extra pence.


We do it this way so that:


What about the glasses?

Following the positive feedback, we are once again having glasses lined at third and two thirds, no halves, no pints. By having just these measures it does speed things up at the bar as it allows a large proportion of beers to be on ticket price. We are calling the measures Small and Large rather than Third and Two-Thirds, far less chance of being misheard, particularly at the busier and noisier sessions. We would prefer you didn’t use your own glass at the festival, it will really muck up our change system if everyone started bringing otherwise legal glasses to the bar.


What do all those coloured labels mean?

The labels on the ends of the casks are there to help you find the beer you want. We’ve colour coded them so that you have an at-a-glance guide to the beer style:

Blue = Mild

Cream = Bitter

Gold = Golden Ale/IPA

Green = Stout/Porter

Red = Barley Wine / Strong Ale

Orange = Speciality

... just look for the colour keys on the beer racking.


We’ve used the CAMRA definitions of beer styles, as you might see in the Good Beer Guide, but simplified them so you only have six to choose from. It makes stout-spotting and finding your favourite fabulous hoppy ale so much easier. If space allows, there will be an article in the programme telling you a bit more about beer styles.


How can I join CAMRA?

Why not join at the Festival? We have a special deal where you get a freebie or two, and your entry fee back! Alternatively, you can join here at the national CAMRA website.


Can I work at the Festival?

You are welcome to work at the Festival, if you are a CAMRA member, but please be aware that some sessions may be oversubscribed. The Staffing Officer will contact you if this is the case. For insurance reasons, we’re afraid non-members are not able to work. Here is a link to the staffing form - just fill it in. Thank you for your help!


Staffing Form


Can I help publicise the Festival?

You certainly can! You can download the logo, the poster and adverts below. Press releases will be added, too - please feel free to spread the word!


Low Resolution Logo          High Resolution Logo    


Poster PDF           Full colour ad PDF             Press Release 1      


Do you provide corporate packages?

Not this year, but it’s something we’re thinking about for the future.


Can I have a food stall at the festival?

We have no control over the food sold in the Hall. Food stalls can only be run by those approved by Leeds City Council. Any enquiries or comments about the food should be sent to Pudsey Civic Hall directly.


I’m in a local band – can I play at the festival?

The bands are already booked for this year. Please get in touch with us here and we’ll pass your details onto our Entertainment Officer for next year.


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