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If you’re a landlord who would like to take part, please contact us.  

If you’re an interested drinker, read on to find out more and support those pubs that are doing their bit!


What is CAMRA LocAle?

CAMRA LocAle is an initiative that promotes pubs stocking locally brewed real ale. The scheme builds on a growing consumer demand for quality local produce and an increased awareness of ‘green’ issues.


The CAMRA LocAle scheme was created in 2007 by CAMRA’s Nottingham branch which wanted to help support the tradition of brewing within Nottinghamshire, following the demise of local brewer Hardys and Hansons.


Everyone benefits from local pubs stocking locally-brewed real ale…

  • Public houses as stocking local real ales can increase pub visits

  • Consumers who enjoy greater beer choice and diversity

  • Local brewers who gain from increased sales

  • The local economy because more money is spent and retained locally

  • The environment due to fewer ‘beer miles’ resulting in less road congestion and pollution

  • Tourism due to an increased sense of local identity and pride – let’s celebrate what makes our locality different.


Stocking a local beer can enable you to differentiate yourself from other local pubs, thereby gaining you new customers and increasing your beer sales. Stocking locally brewed real ale will also give you business the edge over supermarkets and off licences selling low-cost mass-market lagers.


LocAle in Leeds

The Leeds Branch of CAMRA is participating in the

LocAle scheme, helping Leeds pubs celebrate

the fact that they support Real Ale and local

breweries by taking part. We have a

‘Leeds plus 10’ rule, which means that a LocAle

Brewery is situated either within the Leeds

Metropolitan district, or within 10 miles of the boundary.


LocAle Pubs

To see which pubs are currently taking part in the scheme, the WhatPub button below will take you to a page listing them all:







A LocAle Pub is any within the Leeds Metropolitan district that sells one or more Real Ales from any of the LocAle Breweries, and has signed up to the scheme. Signing up is easy – simply get in touch with Leeds CAMRA and let us know that you’d like to join. We’ll supply you with promotional support (posters, window stickers and pump clip toppers) and your pub will be given the LocAle "L" symbol on the WhatPub site.


LocAle Breweries

To find see which breweries are LocAle Breweries for Leeds, click here.



LocAle is a brilliant scheme which promotes pubs that sell at least one real ale brewed in the local area. The Leeds Branch of CAMRA has joined the scheme and this page is here to tell you all about it.

Locale pack

Landlord's LocAle pack

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