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To ensure the enjoyment and safety of all in attendance at events and activities organised by Leeds CAMRA, and for those who come into contact with Leeds CAMRA during these activities, Leeds CAMRA operates a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination. Full information on this can be read in our Code of Conduct.

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Leeds CAMRA’s branch magazine started out as Full Measure in 1991. Since then it was developed and transmogrified from a black and white A4 fold-out paper to a classy A5 full colour magazine, called New Full Measure. In December 2021, the branch magazine was re-launched again, this time named BEER LEEDS.


In all that time, it has always been the first place to look for Leeds pub news, local brewery updates, innovative pub crawls and the odd irreverent article. Whether you’re a Leeds resident or just paying the area a visit, BEER LEEDS is the beery read for you!

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Fenton, City Centre