Basic Knowledge of Craft Beer 3 Key Differences to Craft Lager

The essential difference between lager and ale is that yeast is different. The role of yeast can be simply expressed as a bee that turns raw materials such as barley and wheat into beer. Lager yeast does not work at room temperature, but it works at 7-13 degrees. During fermentation, yeast will settle to bottom of wort without much foam on surface, which is why this fermentation is called bottom fermentation. However, Ayer's yeast concentrates at top of must, which is why it's called fermentation.

Folk Art is a top-fermenting ale, and bottom-fermenting must be kept at a low temperature. Yeast is also a low-temperature yeast, discovered later. Therefore, light beer is actually a high-tech product. It has stable quality, uniform taste and pure wine characteristics. But in this era of striving for individuality, for a single taste? Isn't that original sin?

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