leeds' heritage pubs

national inventory pubs

Leeds is fortunate in having five pubs in CAMRA's National Inventory, more than many other areas. These tend to be from the age of Leeds’s great expansion and also of pub building, the late Victorian and Edwardian era. There is also a fine example of inter-war design. The Rising Sun, Burley, is sadly no longer listed here as it is currently closed and boarded up.

other heritage pubs

Leeds has a further twelve pubs that have substantially original interiors, although many have seen some alteration. These feature in the Yorkshire Regional Inventory. They range from Edwardian locals (e.g. Pack Horse, Woodhouse  from 1871) through inter-war re-fits (e.g. Grove, Holbeck 1929 or Templar, Vicar Lane 1927) to war time pubs (e.g. Hanover, Wortley 1942) and unspoilt country pubs (e.g. Swan, Bramham c. late 19C). In Gildersome The New Inn (1935) is a fine mostly original Moderne style pub.


Sadly some have been lost over the years for various reasons, such as demolition (e.g. Albion, Wortley or White Stag, North St), flat conversion (e.g. Kings Arms, Holbeck), remodeling (e.g. Grey Horse, Horsforth) or simply general closure.


The Regional Inventory of heritage pubs in Yorkshire was compiled in 2011 but is continually updated. This lists around 119 pubs in the Yorkshire region which still have interiors or internal features of real historic significance.

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