I just realized that there is such a big difference between "canned" and "bottled" beer, so don't buy it indiscriminately in future.

It's beer season again, weather is so hot, drinking beer and talking about life with three or five friends is fun to think about. Now there is beer in bottles and beer in cans, which is better, and what is difference between them? Today I'm here to tell you about it!

I just realized that there is such a big difference between "canned" and "bottled" beer, so don't buy it indiscriminately in future.

1. Why are there so many bubbles in beer?

Do you know why there are so many bubbles in beer? The reason for this is actually very simple: after completion of beer fermentation, in order to protect beer from air pollution and influence, manufacturer injects inert gases such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen into beer bottle when bottling, so that oxygen in bottle is absorbed. Thus, taste of beer becomes much better, and taste becomes smoother and more refreshing.

Actually, bubbles in beer can enhance flavor of beer and make beer more intriguing. Inert gases such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen used in beer production process can also protect beer components from air, sunlight, etc., ensuring good beer quality. Hence, these beer bubbles are also part of taste of beer.

2. Bottled beer is better than canned beer, but less opaque

Beer lovers know that bottled beer tastes and smells much better than canned beer. This is because bottled beer can better maintain its carbon dioxide content and mouthfeel when bottled, so it tastes smoother and more palatable.

However, bottled beer is not as opaque as canned beer. In direct sunlight, taste and nutrients of beer are gradually lost over time, which is very disappointing.

However, in order to protect quality of beer, manufacturers will bottle it in dark glass bottles, which avoids exposure to ultraviolet rays on beer.

3, canned beer has a metallic taste

Many beers are now bottled in aluminum cans, but some people find them to have a metallic taste. Although sellers put a layer of film on surface of cans to reduce metallic taste, after a long time it will still be there.

This is actually because when can is opened, beer is in contact with air, and oxygen in air oxidizes aluminum and releases some of metal ions, causing metallic taste to increase. . Of course, when packaging cans, manufacturers will also pay attention to reducing this reaction, for example, by performing certain treatments on inner wall of cans to reduce area of ​​contact with beer liquid, thereby reducing release of metal ions and reducing formation of metallic taste.

So, if you are sensitive to metallic taste, it is recommended to choose a bottled or cardboard beer, the taste is also good. However, it cannot be denied that canned beer is portable and convenient, which is more suitable for outdoor activities or parties.

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