Hygienic requirements for production process of equipment for home brewing beer

Having a set of excellent equipment for self-brewing, you can brew all kinds of beer according to your hobbies. Today I would like to share with you hygiene requirements for beer production process:

1. Environmental Requirements:

1. The production area should not contain items that are not related to production

3. All production equipment must be clean and bright

4. There should be no water on ground, it should not be sticky or slippery

5. There should be no dirt in sewer and ditch, and there should not be a specific smell (such as acid, smell, etc.)

6. Use fungicides, 1% sodium hydroxide solution, 2% bleach solution for thorough cleaning once a week

Hygienic requirements for production process of equipment for home brewing beer

Second, personal hygiene:

1. Work boots, work hats and overalls are neat and complete;

2. Operators are forbidden to use cosmetics and often cut their nails;

3. Technological hygiene:

1. Before use, all equipment, tools, pipes, valves, pumps, etc. that come into contact with must and wine juice should be soaked in 2% caustic soda at 60℃~70℃ for 30~40 seconds. Spray with 1% nitric acid for 10-20 seconds, then rinse with sterile water;

2. All pipe heads, valves, rubber gaskets, etc. that come into contact with cold wort must be sprayed with 75% alcohol or wiped with an alcohol wipe before connection;

3. After yeast is recovered, it must be washed each time with chlorine dioxide (3~5 ppm) diluted with sterile water and stored for reuse. Yeast barrel sterilized with chlorine dioxide (100 ppm);

4. After end of saccharification of mash, each time residues in pipeline must be washed with clean water to prevent clogging of nozzle

5. After each operation, wheat grains under sieve of filter tank and residues inside vortex tank must be removed.

6. After each cooling of wort, thin plate heat exchanger must be flushed with clean water until clean water flows out or hot water is passed through it. The thin plate heat exchanger needs to be dismantled and cleaned regularly (note: each part must be numbered so as not to confuse position)

7. The sand filter is impregnated with chlorine dioxide once a quarter, and sterile water tank is sterilized twice a month (wipe with 75% alcohol after water purification)

8. The surface of the electric heating tube must not form scale, and it is not allowed to hang various objects on it.

Hygienic requirements for production process of equipment for home brewing beer

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