How is malt used to brew beer produced?

The starch in barley cannot be directly used by yeast. First, barley is made into malted barley, and enzymes produced during sprouting process convert starches into sugars. Malting is process of turning barley into malt, also known as malting.

Wheat production consists of several stages:

(1) Soak wheat. In order for barley to germinate, there must be enough water. The percentage of moisture in barley after soaking is referred to as degree of soaking, typically between 41% and 48%.

(2) Rostock. There are two purposes, one is to form various biological enzymes, and other is to partially dissolve macromolecular substances such as barley starch, protein and hemicellulose to facilitate saccharification. Within a certain temperature range, higher temperature, higher germination rate, generally divided into three types: low temperature germination, high temperature germination, and low temperature combination. The low temperature germination temperature is generally maintained at 12-16°C, which is suitable for pale malt production; The high temperature germination temperature is maintained at 18-22°C, which is suitable for black malt production. Protein-rich barley is germinated using low temperature combined method.

(3) Fresh malt is dried. Uncured malt is called green malt or fresh malt that is dried and roasted. Drying has three goals: (1) Reduce water content to 2-5% so that malt grows and biological enzyme stops. ② produce fragrance. ③ Remove roots. Wheat root has a bitter taste that gives beer a variety of flavors.

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How is malt used to brew beer produced?
How is malt used to brew beer produced?

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