Manufacturers of beer equipment explain why malt is crushed during brewing

What should I pay attention to when brewing beer? Beer is brewed with malt or hops. After grinding malt, we need to ferment malt to a suitable temperature. Temperature control is very important when brewing beer. The most important thing is to brew beer. For brewer, temperature of each time period is controlled. We also need to pay attention to grinding of malt when brewing beer. Malt must be ground to a suitable shape before it can be used for brewing, this DIY brewing equipment manufacturer will tell you about beer knowledge

Manufacturers of beer equipment explain why malt is crushed during brewing

Milling malt is a purely physical process. Raw materials can be ground to increase contact area between contents and water so that starch granules can quickly absorb, soften, expand and even dissolve. Increase contact area between content and medium, water and biocatalyst enzyme, accelerate dissolution and decomposition of material content, accelerate leaching of soluble substances, and promote dissolution of insoluble substances.

Malt is main raw material in brewing process. The degree of grinding of malt also seriously affects taste of beer and yield of wort saccharification. Therefore, crushing of malt is especially important. Then what problems should we pay attention to?

Barley malt (or wheat malt) is commonly used for brewing in my country. For these malts, malt crushing requirements are as follows: shell must be broken, but not broken, but endosperm must be fine enough, and attention should be paid to improving grain size, particle uniformity.

The malt husk acts as a natural filter layer in wort filtration and should not be ground too finely and should be kept as intact as possible. If grinding is too fine, filter bed is pressed too tightly, which increases filter resistance and makes it difficult to filter, in addition, harmful substances such as polyphenols and bitter substances in husk are easily dissolved, which will deepen color of beer and make bitterness coarse. Theoretically, finer malt endosperm is ground, better. Particularly for poorly dissolved malt, mechanical crushing method can maximize dissolution of contents during saccharification process and increase saccharification yield. However, too fine increases power consumption and operating costs. However, auxiliary raw materials should be crushed as much as possible in order to increase extract yield.

Beer fermentation, what should I pay attention to? In terms of beer fermentation, we see that there are many types of beer. In terms of brewing, taste is different, and brewing raw materials are also different. If you want to purchase beer equipment, you can call our self-brewing equipment manufacturer Ogg Science and Technology.

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