Craft beer brewing process - saccharification, boiling

Craft beer equipment manufacturers are practically implementing craft beer brewing process

1. Saccharification

The first key step in brewing is saccharification. Malt is steeped in hot water to precipitate maltose and form wort. To do this, boil hot water and grind malt.

1.1 Boiling water

Ground malt should be used as soon as possible, otherwise tannins in malt will oxidize and beer will taste astringent, so we need to boil water first and then move on to beer while boiling water. Grind malt so that it can be used immediately after grinding malt.

According to recipe, amount of water for saccharification is 12l, cook a little more, and add 15l of water to pan. The amount of water for saccharification is determined by amount of malt, usually 3:1

The maltosaccharification temperature is 68°C. According to calculation, we need to set thermometer reminder constant temperature to 74°C.

1.2 Ground malt

Shattered but not broken

1.3 Sugaring 2. Rinse tank

Remember, water temperature should not exceed 78°C, otherwise a large amount of tannins in wheat bran will dissolve into wort, making wort bitter.

When rinsing tank, be careful not to damage malt bed, so don't stir malt. When adding hot water, pour it evenly over malt layer and don't move it too hard. After adding hot water, wait 5 minutes before collecting wort. It is common to wash tank two or three times so that amount of wort collected matches amount of water used to boil.

3. Sugar production efficiency

There are tools for measuring. Measurement formulas are rarely used these days.

4. Evaporation of water by boiling

This tool is more convenient

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