Craft beer - German craft beer

Craft beer - German craft beer

Craft beer is now also choice of many bars that brew it themselves;

Brew by yourself, without adding any additives, choose quality malt and extract juice from fresh wort.Four raw materials: hops, water and yeast are used to brew beer, pure and natural without additives.

Craft beer - German craft beer

The reason why high-quality German beer is so great is because brewery takes into account taste and health of drinker as starting point of process and is willing to spend heavily on using high-quality processes, including raw materials, machines, storage tanks and etc.

Beer produced by German craftsmen mainly includes dark beer, yellow beer and white beer;

Let's talk about white beer first:

It is brewed by mixing wheat malt and barley malt, which is why they are also called Weizenbier. Characterized by a thicker liquid, less bitter taste, and a mild taste when drunk, it is a typical liquid bread.

Dark beer:

It's quite dark, with a light coffee brown tint. Dark beer is not as bitter as clear beer. It has a slightly sweet taste and a sensation of sweetness. I prefer to drink dark beer. It first feels bitter, and then sweet;

White beer:

Yellow beer, also known as pale beer, is usually light yellow in color, uses short malt as a raw material, with a pronounced hop aroma and refreshing taste; it is similar to beer in market, but overall taste is better than regular beer in market Be strong;

Craft beer - German craft beer
Craft beer - German craft beer

One of most important components of craft beer is hops, which naturally retain an antiseptic, increase appetite, promote digestion and help sleep

Craft beer is actually healthier. After drinking it, you will find that there is a lot of maltose in cup, and when you wash cup, there will be a sticky feeling from sugar stuck to inside. cup wall;

Besides, craft beer is not easy to catch. Even if you drink a lot, you won't get a headache after drinking. Nowadays, people's standard of living is relatively high, and people begin to pursue material needs. Now, craft beer has become active and prosperous in trade street;

In fact, it is more that people have begun to improve requirements for quality of life.

Craft beer will gradually become one of most popular options for everyone in future. In fact, it is also desire for a healthy lifestyle and desire for a slower rhythm.

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