What to Look for When Cleaning Craft Beer Equipment

Cleaning and sterilizing small and medium-sized do-it-yourself brewing equipment is a key technical measure to improve quality of beer. Therefore, in process of beer production, in addition to adopting correct production process, small and medium-sized manufacturers of self-brewing equipment must be properly and timely cleaned, and disinfected and sterilized regularly.

The purpose of cleaning and sterilizing small and medium-sized DIY brewing equipment is to clean every part and surface of equipment of sediment and surviving microbes to ensure beer production hygiene.

The main equipment used in production process of small and medium-sized self-brewing equipment includes saccharification kettle, gelatinization kettle, boiling kettle, wort supply machine, cold wort supply pipeline, drinking tank, wort cooler, serving beer. , a drunk mother adding pumps, beer supply lines, cleaning tanks, filling machines and various pipe fittings used in production, etc.

What to Look for When Cleaning Craft Beer Equipment

Cleaning consists of removing as much dirt as possible from tank body, pipes and surface of brewing equipment. If cleaning and sterilization is not thorough, residual scale and microbial growth on inside wall of equipment will weaken effect of fungicide.

Yeast and protein impurities, hop and hop resin compounds, beer stones, etc., due to static electricity and other factors, these impurities are easily deposited on inner surface of walls of self-brewing equipment, making surface of equipment rough and giving microbiology Growth provides shelter. Microbial colonies must be removed during flushing.

Because fungicide is suitable for surface sterilization, it has little effect on bacteria surviving inside and easily causes secondary contamination.

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What to Look for When Cleaning Craft Beer Equipment

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