How is beer fermented?

Don't think this problem is simple, it's starting to give experts headaches. The Webster English Dictionary defines beer as: an alcoholic beverage with bubbles of carbon dioxide formed after fermentation of malt. Therefore, beer must have three factors:

1. Malt as raw material,

2. Alcohol is produced after fermentation,

3. with carbon dioxide.

It is very important that raw material is malt, because many sweet things can be made into sparkling wine. For example, mead is made from honey, champagne is made from grapes, cider is made from apples, and rice is made from rice wine made by my grandmother during Chinese New Year.

Basic principles of beer fermentation:

Maltose fermentation> alcohol + carbon dioxide

All beer is made by fermenting maltose (along with various other sugars released in malt). If maltose is well placed there, it will never ferment into alcohol, for this fermentation process to be completed, yeast must be catalyzed.

How is beer fermented?

Beer fermentation process

1. Barley malt is soaked in hot water, which releases maltose to form maltose juice. (e.g. making tea)

2. After separating malt juice from grains, it is boiled and hops are added for aroma. (e.g. making soup)

3. After cooling wort, it is subjected to yeast fermentation.

4. Yeast converts sugar juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide during fermentation. (This is similar to making pickles.)

5. After fermentation is complete, beer is stored for a certain period of time at a controlled temperature to allow beer to mature. (e.g. pickles)

How is beer fermented?

It looks so simple. Actually it is. If your grandmother knows how to brew rice wine at home, you can brew beer too. But there's a fine red line between good beer and bad beer - at every step something can go wrong, or at every step there can be a better way to make beer taste even more exciting. When I was a homebrewer, every time I sampled one of my great beers, I got excited and wondered how I could make it better next time. Actually, this is beauty of moonshine beer.

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